Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC, the original SNOOPER® Truck.

Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC is the pioneer designer and manufacturer of the One and Only, the Original SNOOPER® Truck, the world’s most widely used Underbridge Inspection and Maintenance Truck, proudly announced that AMP Sales & Services, LLC of Bedford, VA, is an Authorized Parts and Service Dealer for all Paxton-Mitchell SNOOPER® Trucks. 


The first SNOOPER® Truck was developed and manufactured in 1964. Today, the SNOOPER® Truck has been sold throughout the United States to state highway departments, municipalities, counties, contractors and construction equipment rental companies. They have also been sold overseas.

Paxton-Mitchell Co., LLC, has built a solid reputation for designing and delivering quality SNOOPER® Trucks with advanced capabilities, new technologies, training, and a Dealer Network program gaining their customers’ trust through personalized and responsive service.


Visit their website to view their complete SNOOPER® Truck line and get the latest updates on the new SNOOPER® Series PM 264.

NEW: Paxton-Mitchell Snooper Truck Catalog 2019-2020


Paxton-Mitchell Snooper Truck models



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