Stay Compliant with AMP Sales & Services, LLC! 

Our training center is prepared with,

  • A State-of-The-Art Classroom;
  • A dedicated Underbridge Inspection Truck;
  • On-Site Test Bridge that is free from other moving equipment, personnel traffic, and distractions.

This will give your operators the best and safest environment for learning.

ANSI A92.24-2018, Training Requirements, Section 8.3 Training Environment* states,

8.3.1 The environment where training occurs should be free from hazards and supportive to learning.

8.3.2 The classroom training environment should incorporate proper lighting and acoustics, room size and capacity to accommodate the number of trainees, heating and air conditioning, presentation equipment, visibility for all trainees of the presentation, and rest room facilities.

8.3.3 The practical (hands-on) training environment should be free from other moving equipment and personnel traffic. Warnings such as flags, roped off areas, barricades, or flashing lights shall be used when appropriate. A risk assessment should be made for each location where a practical test is to be given to identify and eliminate or mitigate the hazards and risks associated with safe use of the MEWP. 

*ANSI A92.24-2018, Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs).