Equipment Training Courses Available

AMP Sales & Services, LLC is an IPAF-approved training center, perfect to train all of your underbridge access equipment supervisors and operators. We have a great facility and a 2-Day Underbridge Access Operator training course that is fully compliant with the new ANSI A92.24-2018 training requirements. Moreover, our training facility will soon be offering “Supervisor Training” classes in compliance with ANSI A92.24-2018, section 7.5-Supervisor Training. This course includes Fall Protection. 

ANSI A92.22-2018Safe Use, and ANSI A92.24-2018Training Requirements for the Use, Operation, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance of MEWPs, require manufacturers, dealers, owners, users, supervisors, operators, occupants, lessors, lessees, and brokers to read and understand the ANSI/SAIA Manual of Responsibilities before use or operation of MEWP underbridge access equipment category (2b). Type 2, Group B denotes a mobile elevating work platform (MEWP) that can be operated from the chassis while the platform is extended, such as snooper trucks and work platforms. The new ANSI A92 Suite of Standards will become effective December 10th, 2019.

Upon passing the written test and hands-on course, not only will your Underbridge Access Operators comply with the new ANSI A92 Suite of Standards, but they will also earn their PAL (Powered Access License) CARD. The PAL Card is valid for five years, and it shows the date on which the cardholder was assessed and the expiry date by which re-training would be needed. It also shows the types of equipment that the cardholder has been trained to operate. It has security features including a holographic logo and the card holder’s photograph and signature to prevent misuse.

We have training classes twice a week, every week. One is Monday-Tuesday, the other is Wednesday-Thursday. We allow up to six people per class.

Stay Compliant with AMP Sales & Services, LLC.

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