AMP Sales & Service, LLC joins IPAF

AMP Sales and Service, LLC - IPAF Member
AMP Sales and Service, LLC – IPAF Member

AMP Sales & Service, LLC is IPAF North America’s newest member. AMP is a qualified installer and repairer of vehicle-mounted Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). It also specializes in under-bridge access equipment repair, refurbishment, and annual inspection.

AMP is also in the process of becoming an IPAF-approved training center to offer training on vehicle-mounted MEWPs (1b) and vehicle-mounted bridge inspection and maintenance devices (2b) – the 2b category denotes a MEWP that can be operated from the chassis while the platform is extended.

Vehicle-mounted bridge-inspection and maintenance devices are currently addressed by ANSI A92.8 and is one of four ANSI A92 standards that will be replaced with the new A92.20/.22/.24 suite due for publication later this year. AMP services will be the first IPAF-approved training center in the US offering operator training for under-bridge devices.

AMP has a new facility in Bedford, VA, that is unique in that it has an on-site test bridge for testing equipment and use in operator training that is free from traffic and other distractions or risks. Unique to 2b equipment, two operators are required, one stationed at all times at the chassis controls and the other in the work platform.